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Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 3, As a member of ADD, Mr. Apin stayed at Apalit, Pampanga and was personally trained by Mr. Eliseo Soriano together with other young...

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It is primarily hosted by Eli Soriano.

Why would a guy hesitate to ask a girl out?

Eli Soriano whom he calls a teller of tales and all sorts of names. Aloysius Kayiwa, a Roman All-inclusive apologist, just now pleaded to Widespread components to mind their families and not be slain as a service to Bro.

He posted his assert in Splendor of the Church Superior, a web site that stands as All-embracing Apologetics where he more attacked Soriano and his followers. He has lengthy since develop a parable in the nation and widely championing his well-intentioned of preaching throughout Bible Expositions that he does worldwide through sidekick. That has grave implications towards gigantic subtraction from assorted unerring aggregations specifically from the RCC membership.

Kayiwa, a Ugandan who is prior Pentecostal and had converted to the Roman General Church, is a newspaperman of Splendor and is based in Africa. The other two are Abraham Arganiosa, the vicar that initially handled the Splendor web log decorated with multiplied replicas, and a Duane Yan aka Lambaste Personage Scripturist.

Eli and his teachings, I have already learned that images are not to be prayed to. We are not Protestants — in the sense that we do not or do deny the authority of the Pope. In the first, Bro. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. There are many ways for me to presume that God uses me to turn people to God.

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Everything Soriano teaches is utterly false, cultic and misleading. Among the cultic teachings you will find in Ang Dating Daan include: Jesus has no human nature, Trinity, Incarnation and such other basic Christian beliefs are false.

False reasoning and rhetorical fallacies. Soriano is known for using techniques of false reasoning to mislead his followers. Once you join the Ang Dating Daan, do not expect to improve your reasoning capacity.

You will be expected to reason like a fool so that the Ang Dating Daan can play on your life. You will be expected to make statements and opinions that are utterly false and fallacious.

He encourages asking questions — unlike many pastors who do not even know the scriptures. Section 3, Chapter 1: Stop giving free-education to those who cannot afford but have will to survive poverty so that they will scattered in the streets and be counted as out-of-school people.

It is as if I were acting like a lord of the flock. Everything Soriano teaches is utterly false, cultic and misleading.

Allegedly according to this cleric, it was jealousy that forced me to catch up with this feature. I do not force any motive to be jealous in whatever behaviour to the Roman Broad Church! In fact, it is God who in the course of the last two millennia has this feeling seeing of Catholic idolatries.

Genius said he is grudging because of idols being adored and served. In return I am the God almighty thy God, a vulnerable God , visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon their children unto the third and fourth generation, to them that hate me,.


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Bro. Eli: My Response to the Response of a Catholic Priest

All my recommendations are terrific supremacy, so judge delightful a look at a hardly of them first. You are routine with the 2 boards, the Traveler and Depict boards.

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