Liquidating retirement fund - Unemployed? How to Cash Out Your Retirement the Less Painful Way

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Worsted your job , and you will face tough financial decisions indeed. Quickly, many laid inaccurate workers will look to their retirement savings as a provenance of financial salvation. That's just understandable given that for multitudinous of us it's the largest single pot of money we own. Yet there are consequences to drawing from retirement accounts during a spell of unemployment as I outline for the reader below. What are my options at this point? I know that there are penalties and fees associated with withdrawing the money before retirement but what if I wish the money to make a house or car payment?

In an ideal world, it would be best if you could leave untouched your accumulated retirement savings while you cope with unemployment. It will be nit-picking to make up for the lost ground, and the expenditure is much higher than you may realize. Looking for monetary advice? Click here to wire David your questions and they might end up as a topic for his next column.

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College costs for you or your dependent can be taken from your IRA without a penalty.
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Also, when it comes to investing, never forget that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Contact your plan administrator for the specific terms governing your k or b. In order for a distribution to be qualified, it must meet two conditions: When you withdraw early, you are not just losing the amount you take out, but you are also losing all of the earnings it would have brought you over time.

This table lists the results:.

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Liquidating retirement fund

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Lose your job, and you will face tough financial decisions indeed. Quickly, many laid off workers will look to their retirement savings as a source. Sequencing Asset Liquidation: Which Retirement Assets Should You...