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Discovery Channel Conspiracy of Silence. Page numbers from the book for each excerpt are given at the end of each statement.

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The volume of fraud in the field of UFOlogy is staggering, primarily from those attempting to profit by exploiting interest in UFOs. This list is provided to help you avoid supporting hoaxers and profiteers.

In July that channel had a brand-new hoax supposedly shot around an airline passenger from the Swiss Alps Superlative, which was picked up by a few bulletin sites. Also see Kaschuba Brothers. Instead, each video is a series of unfounded claims that the government, or evil celebrities, are conspiring to do… something. They must as though some badass honey. Videos are often promoted with of course misleading thumbnails whose content appears nowhere in the video, and are often stolen from other hoax videos or photos.

Promotes with intensely overwrought thumbnails. Some of the posts venture beyond UFOs into general oddities. Responsible for the Meni Tsirbas alien interview snow job being shared over 1, times. Alien News — Badly misrepresented footage: Naff all around, but aggressively promoting on Reddit, and likely elsewhere. Most perform to be original, with some models like a saucer with blinking lights showing up in multiple videos.

UFOs & Psychic Powers Revealed as CIA Release 800,000 Declassified Files

  • Most of the documents concern CIA cables reporting unsubstantiated UFO website (
  • The Pentagon has been running a secret multi-million dollar programme to investigate Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs),...
  • UFO Facts and Information: A page summary: 60 government and military I opened up the files and even the...
  • Electronic Version If you like what you see, please help us...

I know that many of his exotic balloons are identical to balloons that can be purchased. Eugenics was ascendant with its hopes and fears about how man may shape his biological future.

Will repost any idiotic paranormal news story from any hoax source, even those too stupid for British tabloids. Simple Keys to Life. Thank you for this very enlightening list! A Brief History of Banking Prof.


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